Vanja Asanović


VanjaAVanja Asanovic was born on the 14th of October, 1966 in Podgorica, where she has finished both elementary and high education (assistant researcher in chemistry). She was awarded a diploma "Luca" for achieving an excellent success in all subjects throughout the elementary and high school, as well as other rewards, most notably the "Gold Medal" at the Festival of Labour Youth of Yugoslavia (high school competition) in Loznica in 1984 for Analytical Chemistry. Named the best high school student in Podgorica and Montenegro for 1984/85 school year, she enrolled at the Faculty of Metallurgy in Podgorica in the 1985/86 school year. Same year she was awarded the "19. December" prize for school year 1985/86. She graduated in 1990 with average grade of 9.20 and grade 10 for graduate work.

She completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Metallurgy in Podgorica with an average score of 9.6, and defended master thesis titled: "Thermoelastic martensitic transformation and shape memory effect in Cu-Zn-Al alloys" in 1994.
At the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology in Podgorica in 1998, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled:"Factors affecting the kinetics of phase transformations in Cu-Zn-Al alloys with shape memory effect".

She started working at the Faculty for Metallurgy and Technology in 1.02.1991, and was appointed assistant-intern at the Department of Physical metallurgy in 1991, and for the assistant at the same department in 1995. For assistant professor she was elected in 1998 for the subject of Physical metallurgy, and associate professor in 2003 for the subjects: Phase transformations and Characterization of materials. The academic title of professor of University of Montenegro she gained in 2009 for the subjects: Phase transformations, and Characterization of materials.

As Academic Visitor within the Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme she resided from 1.07. to 31.07.2006 at the Department of Materials at Oxford (Department of Materials , Oxford).

As a professor she is hired to teach at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, subjects: phase transformations, Characterization of materials, Mechanism and kinetics of phase transformations, and Waste management, and in the winter semester study year 2009/10 and 2013/14, she was teaching Metrology at the postgraduate master studies at the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica.

As an author or co-author she published 21 papers in international scientific journals, 6 in national scientific journals, 40 papers in international scientific conferences and 16 at national conferences.

From October 2006 she has been working as managing director of Bureau of Metrology.

She speaks English language. She is married and has two children.