Milena Raonić

MilenaI was born on August 23rd in 1976, in Podgorica, where I finished elementary and high school.

I graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology in Podgorica, where I still live and work.






Work experience:

1.2002-2009 – KAP A.D. Podgorica

• Quality control and physical and chemical analysis of the product;
• Microbiological testing of hygienic validity of the product.

2. 2009-to date- The Bureau of Metrology, Department for precious metals.

• Implementation of national legislation in the field of control of articles of precious metals;
• The development of quality systems in laboratories for testing of precious metals.
• The formation and implementation of procedures for the execution of tasks in the field of of control of the articles of precious metals.

Additional education and special knowledge:

I use the English language fluently.
I have successfully completed several trainings organized by the European Institutions for Metrology.

• "Programme for metals testing" in Zagreb and Celje;
• "Training in calibration of non-automatic weighing instrument (NAWI) in Ljubljana.

Working as part of the team, both within the organization and through international cooperation I have developed knowledge of different working styles and recognizing sensibilities of associates, what enables me to creation a pleasant working environment.