CMCs - Laboratory for Temperature

Measurement and calibration capabilities identified through the CIPM MRA are the best measurement capabilities that a national metrology institute can demonstrate in its daily work, while providing users with the services under normal operating conditions. All measurement and calibration possibilities must be supported in the range and to the extent of the expressed measurement uncertainty through a full implementation of quality management system that meets the requirements of the Agreements on mutual recognition and which, in the case of EURAMET regional metrology organization, is approved by the EURAMET's Technical Committee for Quality (EURAMET TC-Quality).

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CMCs - Laboratory for Large Volume

Results of key and additional inter-comparisons are an ideal evidence for laboratory measurement and calibration capabilities, and this is the path chosen by the Large Volume Laboratory of the Bureau of Metrology. Large Volume Laboratory has, in June 2015, submitted an application for publishing the measurement and calibration capabilities (CMC) in the field of volume metrology.

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