In the era of trade globalization, the national quality infrastructure is an incentive for the socioeconomic development of the states. A very important segment of the national quality infrastructure is the Bureau of Metrology, founded by the Government of Montenegro on the 14th of Spetember, 2006.

Decree on State Administration Organization and Manner of work (Official Gazette of Republic of Montenegro, No. 87/18, december 31 2018.) has defined that the Bureau for Metrology conducts work related to: securing the application of the system of the legal measurement units, realization, conservation, maintenance and improvement of the national standards of Montenegro; securing the metrological traceability for the calibration laboratory, as well as for the testing and control laboratories; organizing the activities concerning traceability; estimation if the metrological requirements are met by the measuring instruments; providing an expert opinion for the accreditation of the laboratories for measuring instruments verification; representing Montenegro at international and regional organizations for metrology and establishing cooperation in the field of metrology, control of the articles of precious metals, as well as the other activities that are under the Bureau's competence.