Department for administration, finance and information system

Activities being conducted at the Department for administration, finance and information system are related to making respective acts on the realization of labor rights of the employees; carrying out procedures regarding allocation of officers and employees in accordance with the Act and the Regulations on internal organization and systematization of the Bureau; drafting all kinds of contracts; providing the information to the managing director for the purpose of of evaluation and promotion of officials and employees; keeping records of conducting disciplinary proceedings; carrying out the procedures according to the requirements of officials and employees on the basis of labor rights; carrying out the procedure of the establishment and termination of employment at the competent institutions; issuing certificates and other documents of employment, remuneration and other benefits for officers and employees; preparation of acts for payroll, benefits and other incomes for employee; managing personal files; preparing statements of defense to complaints, appeals and other submissions to courts in disputes regarding labor relations, as well as in other disputes; preparing replies to the requests for measuring instrument type approval, calibration of measuring instruments and standards, measuring instruments verification, examination and hallmarking of the precious metals articles, issuing decisions about the manufacturer's mark i.e. mark of the precious metals articles importers; preparing the expert foundation for drafting the regulations that determine the fee for the services provided by the Bureau; preparation of the expert foundation for drafting the regulations in the field of metrology and control of the precious metals articles; drafting legal acts of the Institute; preparation and implementation of integrity plan, and measures for the prevention and elimination of opportunities for the emergence and development of corruption; processing according to the requests for free Access to Information; mediation under the Law on prohibition of harassment at work; cooperation with NGO sector; other organizational and legal, material and financial affairs under the law; preparing the execution of the pre-calculation of funds; drafting the financial plan; purposeful use of funds provided by the budget and financial plan; bookkeeping; drafting the periodical accounts and annual balance; treasury operations; purchase of office and other equipment; public procurements; reconciliation of the book account and the actual state of assets and liabilities; maintaining good relations with the public and raise the overall business impact; providing technical support at the preparation of informative materials and documents, publications, brochures etc.; marketing materials production; technical preparation of the publications, expert books and handbooks (catalogues, handbooks, books, brochures); improvement and development of information and communication technologies at the Bureau; administration of the local network, external communications and internet; development and update of the Bureau's website; primary maintenance of the LAN, communication and of the applied software; installation and reinstallation of the system and network software, program systems and databases; safety and protection of the information system of the Bureau; as well as the other tasks in accordance with regulations.


Head of Department:

Zdenka Popović
tel: +382 20 601 360
      +382 20 601 361
fax: +382 20 634 651
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adress: Bureau of Metrology
           Department for administration, finance and information system
           Kralja Nikole 2
           81000 Podgorica
           Crna Gora