Montenegro through the measures - Mausoleum

The monumental complex built from 1970 to 1974, is spread over the top of Jezersko. It includes access to the tunnel through which 461 steps, plateau and lobby of the Mausoleum permeate, track and a viewpoint which offers stunning views of the greater part of Montenegro.

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The mausoleum is an ensemble of architectural and artistic achievements that make up the atrium at the center of which lays a well weighing 4 tons, porticos on both the left and right side, two caryatids - Montenegrin women wearing national costumes sculptured in black marble, weighing eight tons, about 4.50 meters high.

Crypt - Chapel, is the most impressive part of the mausoleum. It is built from dark-green marble with six side and one central niche. At a height of 9 m ceiling is covered with a mosaic of 200 000 gold-plated tiles. Njegošs granite figure weighing 28 tons and 3.74 m high, dominates the front of the central niche. In the very front is a marble sarcophagus with the remains of Njegoš. Symbols of Njegošs secular and spiritual rule – Montenegrin coat of arms and the cross are carved in relief on the tombstone.