Interesting facts

...word electricity comes from the Greek word "ηλεκτρον" (electron), which means amber. The knowledge about the electricity comes from a period of 600 BC when the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus described the phenomenon in amber, which if rubbed by wool, attracts light bits of matter. Over time, it has been found that other materials can get electrified: various kinds of resins, hard rubber, glass, porcelain and others.

...the first law on the atmospheric pressure was formulated by Robert Boyle. He and his assistant Robert Hook conducted a series of experiments. They found that in the vacuum pen and a metal object fall at the same speed, and that a sound is transmitted through it. They found also that objects can not burn in the vacuum, and that the animals cannot live in it.

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Egyptian royal cubit

Do you know what Egyptian royal cubit is?

Standards are developed and improved in accordance with the development of the unit they reproduce. In example, the first standard for length was defined, in old Egypt 3000 years BC. It is believed that there was a length unit – Egyptian royal cubit, registered in the scripts, as the first unit and the first, officially adopted, length standard.

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Here is an enigma ... Definitely the best-kept piece of metal on the planet. It can fit into a palm and weighs like a ripe melon. It is kept under two glass bells, and it takes three keys to open it. Women particularly hate this little piece of metal ... If something happened to this thing there would be a great confusion in the world ... What is it?

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