XXXI Meeting Of The Board Of The Organization WELMEC

XXXI Meeting of the Board of the organization WELMEC was held in Belgrade from 05 to 07 May 2015. At the meeting reports of the Chairman of WELMEC and the WELMEC Secretariat, the financial report for 2014 and the proposed membership fees for the year 2016 were discussed and adopted. The results of the work of WELMEC working groups in the following areas: metrology control, pre-packed products, scales, software, measuring instruments, measuring systems for liquids other than water, taximeters, etc., were presented. The documents related to the implementation of European Directives, in the field of metrology and metrological control, were presented, as well as the results of public hearings on the regulations relating to pre-packed products.

On the meeting of the Board of the organization WELMEC information were given about cooperation of WELMEC with organizations: EURAMET, OIML and NoBoMet. Planned changes of European legislative were presented that are related to measuring instruments and non-automatic scales.

Committee members analyzed report on the work of WELMEC EURAMET- Focus group - Focus groups for the development of the national metrology infrastructure in the countries of Southeastern Europe.

At the meeting unresolved issues from the previous period were considered, as well as initiatives for solving various tasks in the field of legal metrology in 2015, at the organization level WELMEC.