CMCs - Laboratory for Temperature

Measurement and calibration capabilities identified through the CIPM MRA are the best measurement capabilities that a national metrology institute can demonstrate in its daily work, while providing users with the services under normal operating conditions. All measurement and calibration possibilities must be supported in the range and to the extent of the expressed measurement uncertainty through a full implementation of quality management system that meets the requirements of the Agreements on mutual recognition and which, in the case of EURAMET regional metrology organization, is approved by the EURAMET's Technical Committee for Quality (EURAMET TC-Quality).

It is our great pleasure and honor to inform you that on the 10th of November 2015, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) acknowledged the possibilities of measurement and calibration in the field of contact thermometry, which are implemented in the national calibration Laboratory for Temperature of the Bureau of Metrology, by a method of direct comparison of temperature measuring instruments/ standards: liquid-in-glass thermometers, indicator thermometers and Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) with reference standard in the range of -80 to +650 ᵒC ᵒC.

Link for the overview of the published calibration and measurement capabilities in KCDB BIPM database:

By publishing measurement and calibration capabilities (CMC) in the BIPM KCDB Laboratory for temperature of the Bureau of Metrology confirms its competence at international level in the given scope and with the specified measurement uncertainties. Calibration certificates issued with the distinctive logo of the CIPM MRA confirm the competence of laboratories through the expressed CMC and as such are recognized worldwide.

The Bureau of Metrology has also sent an application for publishing the measurement and calibration capabilities (CMC) in the field of metrology of volume in June 2015, which is considered by a regional metrology organization.