Workshop on Project Management

Alina Musić, a representative from the Bureau of Metrology and Danijela Radević, a student from the Faculty of Administrative and European Studies (FDES) on a practice stint at the Bureau, attended a workshop on project management under the title „Preparation of project proposals under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Montenegro 2014 -2020“.

29102018prekogranicna saradnja

The aim of the workshop was for the participants to become acquainted with the elements and techniques necessary for the quality preparation of project proposals for the calls within Cross-Border Cooperation Programmme Serbia – Montenegro.

Special emphasis was placed on the development of the logical framework axis. After the detailed explanation of the procedure, the participants of the workshop had had an assignment to develop a logframe on their own.

In addition, the structure of the application form was explained in detail, as well as the budget preparation, evaluation and the project implementation stage.

29102018prekogranicna saradnja2

The workshop was organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Montenegro on 17 and 18 October 2018 in Nikšić.