Calibration of standards - Realized requests

There is always a certain mistake at measuring, because no measuring instrument can give results with absolute accuracy. New measuring instruments put in use also have their measuring mistake. There are often changes that happen to measuring instruments during their use, affecting their main features due to the influence of environment or wrong handling.

It is important to determine what deflection standards show, thus at the Bureau of Metrology calibrations are conducted, determining metrological characteristics of measuring instruments and defining changes that have happened to the measuring instrument. Calibration is actually examination determining if the measuring equipment measures accurately and precisely.

Calibration doesn't improve characteristics of measuring instrument, but only determines changes on the measuring instruments in comparison with the accepted referent value the measuring instrument should have.


In order to know how much the measuring instrument deflects, it is needed to calibrate it regularly. In that way traceability of the measuring results is realized, i.e. comparison of quantities accuracy showed by a measuring instrument with corresponding national or international standard.

Calibration of the measuring equipment at the calibration laboratories of the Bureau of Metrology, enables users of the services to fulfill requirements for quality system implementation.

Bureau of Metrology performs calibration at the request for calibration of the measuring instruments. 

Requests can be submitted every working day from 8 am until 2 pm.

The table contains data on the number and types of calibrated measuring instruments/standards.


Table containing data on processed request
for the period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018