Bilateral Coperation with Republic of Slovenia in the Field of Control of Precious Metals Articles

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Slovenia, in the period September 30 to October 3, 2014, training in the field of control of precious metals articles was organized for the employees of the Bureau of Metrology. Expert from Slovenia Kocijancic Suzana held a presentation on the implementation of quality systems in Laboratory for control of precious metals articles in accordance with the standard MEST EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2011.

Activities during the experts visit were related to the training of personnel for carrying out the analysis of precious metals using XRF spectrometry on the instrument M1 MISTRAL-BRUKER, which was provided through the program IPA 2011: Development of quality infrastructure and metrology in Montenegro.

Special attention is given to performing the XRF method validation process for measuring the weight of gold, silver and platinum in alloys of precious metals, in order to gain confidence in the results of the analysis of precious metals, as well as to improve service quality at the Laboratory for control of precious metals articles at the Bureau of Metrology.