Preparation of the laboratory for Electrical Quantities

Under IPA 2011: Development of quality infrastructure and metrology in Montenegro for employees in the Laboratory for electrical quantities held training for 15 days. The training was attended by staff from the Institute of Metrology Milan Perovic and Rabina Šabotić.

Training was held by an expert in the field of electricity and magnetism, Luk Erare, from the National Metrology Institute of France (LNE). The aim of the training was to prepare laboratories for electrical quantities for accreditation in accordance with standard EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2011.

We analyzed all the points of standards and defined procedures, instructions and records that must result from them. Laboratory for electrical quantities participated in the EURAMET project: Comparison of a 100 ohms resistance standard (Project 1319). This project is a bilateral comparison between the Bureau for Metrology of Montenegro and the National Metrology Institute of France, where the subject of the comparison resistance standard, manufactured by Guideline, of nominal value of 100 Ω. The final report was published and the results are rated as good.