Training in the field of metrology of temperature

Within the program IPA 2011: Development of quality infrastructure and metrology in Montenegro, new equipment for the calibration of contact thermometers in the temperature range from 650 ° C to 1500 ° C, the air calibration sensor and sensors for humidity, as well as equipment for performing calibration in the field was delivered to the Laboratory for Temperature of the Bureau of Metrology in June 2014.

In the period from October 26 to October 30, 2014, within the same program a training for staff of the Laboratory for Temperature, was organized, in order to instruct the staff how to work with the equipment. The training was given by Prof. Dr. Jovan Bojkovski from Slovenia.

By enabling the employees to work with the new equipment at the Laboratory for Temperature, calibration range of contact thermometers from +650°C to 1500°C will expand, and for the first time calibration of humidity sensors and air sensors will be possible. Equipment for the use in the field will enable realization of calibration in the field that has recently been in demand and requested for by the users.

With future investments, Laboratory for Temperature with its equipment will be able to respond to almost any request regarding the calibration of measuring instruments for temperature in Montenegro.