Training in the Field of Time and Frequency - DMDM, February 2016

In the period from 22 to 26 February 2016 at the national metrology institute of Serbia, DMDM (Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals) training in the field of time and frequency was organized. The training was attended by staff of the Laboratory for Time and Frequency of the Bureau of Metrology, Rabina Šabotić and Milan Perović.

ltf dmdm1

Trainers, Snežana Renovica, Head of Group for time, frequency and distribution of time, and Dušan Popović, metrologist for the distribution of time through an interactive work in the form of a series of lectures and workshops, prepared the staff of the Bureau to enter into the project of distribution of time on the territory of Montenegro.

As part of the training, Jovica Cvetković, metrologist for time, frequency and speed, has introduced the employees of the Bureau, with the method of verification of measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic that is applied in DMDM.