Training in the Field of Time and Frequency and Electrical Quantities

Within the PTB project "Consultancy for the development of metrology in Bosnia and Herzegovina” in the period from May 11 to May 15, 2015, training in the field of time and frequency and electrical quantities was organized in the National Metrological Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina, IMBiH, Sarajevo.

Lecturer at training was Irene Florida, head of the Laboratory for electrical quantities and time and frequency of the National Metrology Institute of Greece.

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Workshop “Preparation of Implementation of IPA 2014 Actions”

Under the program IPA 2014: Development of quality infrastructure and metrology in Montenegro held the training concerning the preparation of relevant institutions to create a quality contract, or the documents for conducting tenders for services and procurement of IPA 2014 funds.

This training is of great importance for the Bureau in terms of procurement of proper metrology equipment and the improvement of professional skills in the context of EU funds, which will result in improved and more efficient delivery of services from the jurisdiction of the Bureau.

How (Not) to Write Nonconformity-CROLAB

Croatian Association of Laboratories CROLAB, on December 12, 2014 in the Croatian engineering Alliance held a seminar titled “How (not) to write nonconformity".


The seminar aimed to provide the necessary information about the mechanisms of nonconformity, to show specific solutions from practice, observations of assessors, and to allow the free exchange of experiences of attentands and lecturers. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Institute of Metrology, Goran Vukoslavović, Aleksandar Vulić, Mihailović Mirjana, Gordana Bajić, Tanja Vukićević, Tamara Bošković Begenišić, Ivona Mugoša and Tamara Pavićević.

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