Control of precious metal articles

In the 13th century in many European countries, such as England, France, Germany, Austria and others, there was a need for legal regulation for control of articles of precious metals. In this region there was a control of precious metals almost 100 years back. Today control of articles of precious metals is administered in accordance with the Law on Control of Precious Metals, which was published in 2010.

Law on Control of Precious Metals governs compulsory labeling, testing and marking of articles of precious metals, namely platinum, gold, palladium and silver. The law also regulates:

  • Rights and obligations of producers of precious metals articles.
  • Rights and obligations of importers of precious metals articles.
  • The application of Montenegrin stamps and certifications.
  • The use of test methods based on international standards.
  • The conditions to be met by precious metals articles that are produced, imported and placed on the market in Montenegro.
  • Inspection.

Administrative authority of Institute of Metrology or department for precious metals, in which laboratory for precious metals is operating, is in charge for the implementation of the new Law and subordinate regulations. The authority performs professional and related administrative activities by applying scientific methods and knowledge, within its competence established by the Law on Control of Precious Metals ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 40\10). Therefore, by defining the administrative and technical procedures it is being provided the quality and confidence in the control of articles of precious metals.