As a “new” type of precious metal, palladium was introduced to the system of control of precious metal articles in Montenegro in 2010, with the publication of the new law. Adoption of secondary legislation and introduction of the national hallmark for articles made of palladium with degrees of fineness of 500, 950 and 999 in 2011, brought a more detailed regulation of requirements that articles of palladium must comply with. The content and shape of the national hallmark is a stylized figure of a lion with a raised tail placed in the shape of a shield and represents a novelty when it comes to national hallmarks, expressing the impact of the Western system of control of precious metal articles.

Articles made of Palladium


It is expected that the platinum colored metal will become more attractive for manufacturers of precious metal articles, due to the fact that the density of palladium amounts to 12 g/cm3, which is approximately half the density of platinum with 21,4 g/cm3. It is easy to conclude that the same article will be much cheaper if made of palladium, bearing in mind that it will be half the weight of the article made of platinum.