The need for hallmarking of precious metal articles

The need for hallmarking of precious metal articles dates back to 1928, when it was decided that the national hallmark is to be placed on products made of gold, silver and platinum for which assaying of purity is performed to determine that they conform to the purities prescribed by the law.

Little stylized figures which were imprinted on each individual item have been enabling the exchange of information on the type and purity of a precious metal article which the item was made of.

The process of placing a national hallmark with a view to obtaining a clear imprint of a stylized figure with valuable information has not changed over time. Hallmarking is done using the metal hallmark, in one hammer blow when applied manually or using the press for precise hallmarking or hallmarking pliers. The tip of the metal hallmark is used for applying the corresponding imprint, the content of which is marked with the prescribed level of fineness.