Meeting with Representatives of Health Institutions

On June 07, 2016 The Bureau of Metrology, will hold a meeting with representatives of health centers and general and specialized hospitals in Montenegro, to get them introduced with the legal obligations in the field of metrology, procedures, costs and calibration capabilities of the Bureau.

Invitations have been sent to all health centers, hospitals and the Institute for Department of emergency medical services. Representatives of the four municipalities and special hospitals, 10 health centers and a representative of the Clinical Center of Montenegro have confirmed their presence.

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Participation of the Bureau in the Career Ways Fair

The Bureau of Metrology will participate in the Career Ways job and practices fair which will be held on 15 April 2016 at the Capital Plaza center.

On that occasion, the Bureau is interested to receive eight students for a two-month practice.


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World Metrology Day

The Bureau of Metrology participates in the celebration of the World Metrology Day, which marks the signing of the Metre Convention. International metrology organizations and national metrology institutes have prepared a poster dedicated to measurements and light.  This year metrological community has joined UNESCO in promoting the role of light and optical technologies in everyday life, but also their impact on the sustainable development of our society in the future. Metrology enables the application and advancement of technologies based on light, and efficient energy production, a better understanding of climate change, but also optimal lighting of settlements.

The Bureau of Metrology organizes open days on the occasion of the World Metrology Day, which allows interested students to visit the laboratories of the Bureau in the period from 11th to 15th of May, 2015.

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