Meeting with Representatives of Health Institutions

On June 07, 2016 The Bureau of Metrology, will hold a meeting with representatives of health centers and general and specialized hospitals in Montenegro, to get them introduced with the legal obligations in the field of metrology, procedures, costs and calibration capabilities of the Bureau.

Invitations have been sent to all health centers, hospitals and the Institute for Department of emergency medical services. Representatives of the four municipalities and special hospitals, 10 health centers and a representative of the Clinical Center of Montenegro have confirmed their presence.

The field of metrology in Montenegro is regulated by the Law on metrology (,, Official Gazette of MNE '' no. 79/08 and 40/11) and bylaws. Article 2, paragraph 2, of the Regulation on legal measuring instruments that are mandatory subjected to verification i.e. type approval of measuring instrument ("Official gazette of MNE", no. 81/09) when used to protect public health, among other things, pressure gauges for measuring blood pressure, measuring height, weight scales (including baby scales) have an obligation verification (inspection and stamping) and measuring instrument type approval (except for measuring height). According to Article 2, Paragrah 2 of the Rulebook on deadlines for the regular verification of the measuring instruments ("Official gazette of MNE", no. 86/09), the period of regular verification of such instruments is 2 years.

For now, only the Bureau of Metrology conducts the procedure of authorization, and approval of measuring instruments type. The measuring instruments, for which type approval is obligatory (if not previously approved), must, prior to verification, undergo type approval procedure. According to Articles 18, 19 and 20 of the Law on metrology, measuring instruments for verification shall be first submitted by the domestic manufacturer, importer, or the representative of a foreign manufacturer, measuring instruments for regular verification shall be submitted by the owner or user of the instrument, and for a extraordinary verification a person who has performed a repairing or refitting of measuring instruments (prepared a measuring instrument for verification). Obligations of persons who are using legal measuring instruments are prescribed by Article 15 of the Law on metrology, and penal provisions by the Article 37 of the same Law.